Plastic pollution in our oceans

Plastic in our oceans concerns us all!

Plastic in our ocean concerns us al

Mayday mayday! The clock is ticking! We all need to wake up and raise environmental awareness about the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. Some scientists warning that, by 2050, the quantity of plastics in our oceans will outweigh fish.


That’s why all commercial ships should consider to install JOWA Safe Water, which purpose is to protect the marine environment by eliminating unnecessary consumption of plastic water bottles while keeping the crew safe of potential fresh water contaminants.


A crew of 15 can consume 10,000 1,5 l plastic bottles per year! Plastic bottles are expensive, occupy space onboard and create a headache when they are to be disposed of. The savings from not purchasing plastic bottles mean JOWA Safe Water investment can be returned within 12-18 months.


Furthermore, in our opinion, the pure and clean fresh water handled by JOWA Safe Water, tastes much better than expensive bottled water.


Be a part of eliminating the plastic bottles and stop the plastic pollution in our oceans! Plastic in our ocean concerns us all!

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