Clean water concerns us all!


Clean water!

Clean water concerns us all! Did you know that one crew member consumes appr 70 liters fresh water per day?

The supply of fresh water on a ship is crucial and all equipment for water handling must be trustworthy and safe! One of the most essential routine on ships is the fresh water handling meaning that the fresh water distribution system should be a part of the planned mainteance system.

The fresh water is taken from port but can also be generated onboard ships by a water maker using reverse osmosis technology. JOWA offers high quality Reverse Osmosis system which are designed for tough marine environment.

On the ship, dedicated tanks are provided to store the fresh water. However, they can easily get contaminated. Several methods are used to sterilize water on ships, such as ultraviolet sterilizer and automatic chlorinator system. Also a silver ion system can be used for the same. JOWA covers the complete range of sterilizing systems.

Even though the water is sterilized in the storage tank some water stays in the pipes and can be contaminated. By using JOWA Safe Water the fresh water is sterilized just before the tap. It filters the existing stored water onboard to 100% pure drinking water guaranteed free from viruses and bacteria.

JOWA Safe Water’s main purpose is to protect the marine environment by eliminating unnecessary consumption of plastic water bottles, while keeping the crew safe of potential fresh water contaminants.

Our reliable systems cover the complete range of fresh water handling onboard. Installed on thousands of ships. We will be happy to guide you to choose the correct system for your ship. Clean water concerns us all!

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