Fresh Water Treatment Systems

JOWA offers a wide range of freshwater handling systems for your ship and the safety for your crew.

The supply of fresh water on a ship is crucial and all equipment for water handling must be trustworthy and safe. To prevent fresh water contamination is elementary.

Our systems are designed for tough marine environment and made by high Scandinavian quality.

JOWA Safe Water eliminates the need of plastic bottles and filters the existing water onboard to 100% pure drinking water guaranteed free from viruses and bacteria.! JOWA Safe Water is an unique product with the intention to protect the marine environment by eliminating unnecessary consumption of plastic water bottles!

Plastic waste in the ocean is in focus now as micro-plastics enter even our food. Plastic bottles are expensive, occupy space onboard and create a headache when they are to be disposed of. A crew of 15 can consume 10,000 1,5l plastic bottles per year! The savings from not purchasing plastic bottles mean JOWA Safe Water investment can be returned within 12-18 months.

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JOWA RO Reverse Osmosis is a water maker using reliable environmentally friendly Reverse Osmosis technology. From seawater you can produce up to 30 tons potable water per day! It is high-quality modular plug & play system for easy installation. Continuously monitoring and automatically divert the product flow depending on salinity value.

JOWA RO Reverse Osmosis is a water maker using reliable environmentally friendly Reverse Osmosis technology. A high-quality system producing excellent potable water.

A split version of Fresh Water Maker for smaller vessels using environmentally friendly Reverse Osmosis technology. A high-quality system producing 3,2 or 5,5 tonnes of excellent potable water per day.

For the ship’s fresh and hot water distribution JOWA has specially designed a custom-made Fresh Water Unit. The unit consists of all necessary equipment needed for the fresh water supply such as JOWAs Calorifier, Hydrophore, various filters, UV- or AGS sterilizer and/or Chlorination. This means a big advantage for the buyer based on one common supplier, lower cost and less occupied space. It also makes it easier to order spare parts and service.

JOWAs filters for various water treatments made by stainless steel. The filters are available in the sizes from 75l to 2000l! They are easy to install and operate.

Several methods are used to sterilize water on ships. UV light is a common way to sterilize fresh water and is effective against all viruses, bacteria and protozoa.

Disinfecting drinking water with silver is a very old method and has been adopted frequently in many parts of the world. As a matter of fact, this method goes back to antiquity.

Disinfection of water by dosing silver ions into water is completely harmless to human as well as animals. The amount of silver ions in the disinfected water is well below the maximum amount stated e.g. in the directives issued by the WHO.

Silver ions do not change the taste, smell or colour of the water. Nor do they effect the physical and chemical properties of the water. The silver ions only kill off bacteria, germs, algae etc..

Efficient and Durable! “Made for Marine” pressure vessels

The dosing/chlorinating unit is meant to dose a chemical into water. The chemicals can be chlorine for fresh water systems.