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JOWA- Ag-S - Silver Ion Steriliser

  • Sterilizing capacity max. 15 m³/h

  • Compact design

  • Long lasting residual disinfection

  • No change to taste, smell or colour of water

  • No change to physical or chemical properties of water

  • Easy to change electrodes // Chemical Free, alternative to chlorine

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JOWA Ag-S is well-known to the shipping industry. Many thousands of ships have had it installed onboard since its introduction in 1970. Due to its simple design and high quality, the first installed units are still in operation, only periodical replacement of the electrode is needed.

The JOWA Ag-S comes as one unit ready to be fitted onto the bulkhead. It consists of an electronic cabinet, an electrode chamber with two shut-off valves, a flow setting valve and a pressure gauge. All these parts are mounted on a common electropolished stainless steel base plate. A flow switch is also installed.

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