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JOWA - UV Steriliser

  • Dedicated Marine Product // Robust design

  • 10,000's in operation // Ideal for retorfit

  • High quality lamps with lamp monitoring system

  • LCD display

  • UV-sensor standard

  • Low power consumption

  • Compact design in stainless steel 316L

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JOWA UV is equipped with low pressure UV-lamps, powered by electronic high frequency ballasts, for highest efficiency and lowest power consumption. The sterilization process is microprocessor-controlled via data from the UV-sensor.


The intelligent lamp monitoring system will, in case of any lamp failure, inform the user of this occurrence as well as the location of the broken lamp. The hour meter tells the user to change lamps when 80% lamp Life-time is  is reached. All necessary data is available in a display window on the control cabinet.


It has a robust design, low power consumption and is well known for it’s reliability. There are more than 10.000’s in operation. The unit is available in eight different capacity ranges depending on maximum flow at different water qualities.

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