Metritape and additional systems

Keeping with JOWAs environmental mission we supply a number of products which we believe make an impact of the sustainable ocean economy. Built to deliver quality and efficiency.

JOWA USA, Inc. supplies reliable level gauging solutions to marine customers throughout the world. With more than 50 years experience in marine tank gauging, our systems have proven to be reliable, affordable and effective solutions for demanding gauging applications aboard hundreds of vessels. These include deep cargo tanks, ballast, draft, fuel, oil and water aboard tankers, barges containerships, cruise ships, drilling rigs, military vessels and floating dry docks.

Metritape is the world’s only Tank Gauge that works well with all BWT systems.

In response to the industry trend of integrating onboard instrumentation with a streamlined approach to system gauging, JOWA USA provides a family of Metritape tank level gauging systems including: Vanguard IV, Sentry IV, DeckMaster IV, Metricircuit 60,000 Metrimeter, and Metriguard Tank Monitor. Utilizing our Metritape technology, the systems are cost-effective, reliable, low-maintenance and stable. All systems offer computer-based centralized control and monitoring. Independent high alarm can be achieved by installing two resistance-tape sensors in a single deck penetration. These systems can also include temperature detection and IG/tank pressure monitoring.

Whether your application is an individual tank, a tank farm, a reservoir, or a river, our unique Metritape level sensor provides a reliable solution. This is because resistance-tape is remarkably different from other level sensors; in principle, appearance and performance.

The Metritape product line includes Aquatape for water and wastewater, Petrotape for petroleum and fuel and Chemtape for chemicals and petrochemicals. The Metritape family also includes the LA sensor series for higher temperatures and pressures.

The MetriGuard Tank Monitor is a 24 tank (maximum) instrument that directly interfaces with JOWA USA’s Metritape level and level/temperature sensors that providereliability and accuracy, even in demanding cargo tanks. The MetriGuard Tank Monitor can be configured with a single or dual multiplexer for 32 or 64 input channels. It converts the sensor output into calibrated data and sends serial data to the customer’s equipment. A small internal display is used for setup and calibration. Approved intrinsic safety barrier circuits areintegral to the MetriGuard and allow it to be used with sensors in hazardous areas.

Our Individual Water Ingress Alarm System offers superior solutions in Fuel Tanks and Cargo holds.

MetriGuard Water Ingress Alarm System is intended for use on bulk carriers. MetriGuard and the unique Metritape sensor provide reliability and accuracy, even in demanding cargo hold conditions. It complies with the proposed SOLAS regulations (Chapter XII, Regulation 12) requiring water level alarms in cargo holds and certain other spaces.

Our Individual Tank Meters offers superior solutions in Fuel Tanks and Cargo holds.

The Metricircuit Series 60,000 is a multichannel signal conditioner for use with resistance-tape level and level/temp sensors gauging liquid and slurries. It is intended for central locations where
multiple sensor signals can be brought together forsignal processing. This central location facilitates calibration and routine system checks providing increased economy and efficiency.

Commonly known as Metritape, this non-mechanical, continuous level sensor offers clear advantages over other level technologies, especially in thick, sticky liquids that cause mechanical level gauges to seize. With over 30,000 units installed throughout the world, the Metritape resistance-tape level sensor is a proven success.

Computer-based systems like the Sentry & Vanguard offer a cost competitive solution to monitor, cargo, ballast, draft and service tanks along with IGP.

Key System Elements:
• Metritape level sensors with optionaltemperature detectors
• Sensor housings used to mount and protectsensors and to make cable terminations
• Central conditioning unit which performssignal conditioning, processing andcalibration

Computer-based systems like the Sentry & Vanguard offer a cost competitive solution to monitor, cargo, ballast, draft and service tanks along with IGP.

Ensures long Life!

PES protects the exposed propeller and the shaft bearings against spark erosion damages.

With fuel oil often accounting for more than 40% of a vessels operation costs, efficient combustion is of crucial importance. Furthermore, fuel oil quality can have serious long term implications for engine wear and it’s associated costs.

Treatment or handling of black and grey water on board ships is becoming increasingly necessary as the requirements of MARPOL Annex IV have come into force, and this area is also constantly being revised.