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JOWA - Metritape Gauging Systems

  • Full height cargo

  • Independent High Alarm

  • 3 Point Temperature Detection

  • IG Pressure Monitoring. All in a single deck penetration with a single cable run per tank; saves installation costs

  • Performs all required level gauging with one sensor technology; simplifies training and reduces spares requirements

  • For increased safety, Independent High Alarm sensor provides continuous level indication in critical topping zone in addition to 98% alarm

  • Metritape sensor extends into cargo sump providing gauging below tank bottom and speeding discharge time

  • Flexible Metritape sensors follow contour of “J-shaped ” ballast tanks for high performance level detection at an affordable price

  • No tank entry required for installation or service

  • Reliable; no-moving-parts; simple to install; easy to use

  • Virtually maintenance-free

  • Low capital investment

  • Compatible with all Ballast Water Treatment Systems

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In response to the industry trend of integrating onboard instrumentation with a streamlined approach to system gauging, JOWA USA provides a family of Metritape tank level gauging systems including: Vanguard IV, Sentry IV, DeckMaster IV, Metricircuit 60,000 Metrimeter, and Metriguard Tank Monitor. Utilizing our Metritape technology, the systems are cost-effective, reliable, low-maintenance and stable. All systems offer computer-based centralized control and monitoring. Independent high alarm can be achieved by installing two resistance-tape sensors in a single deck penetration. These systems can also include temperature detection and IG/tank pressure monitoring.

For more detailed information aboute these systems, consult to the brochures below:

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Metriguard Tank Monitor - Brochure