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JOWA - Metritape Level Sensor

  • No moving parts; nothing to wear out

  • High reliability; virtually maintenance free

  • Easy to install from tank-top; no need to empty tank

  • Easy to install from tank-top; no need to empty tank

  • Calibration remains stable and drift free

  • Intrinsically safe for use in flammable liquids

  • Temperature detectors can be added to sensor

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With more than 25,000 Metritape sensors installed worldwide, this simple, rugged technology is selected because of its many features and benefits:


Metritape is the solution for a wide range of level gauging applications, including:

  • Inventory Control
  • Distributed Data Collection and Telemetry
  • Process Tank Monitoring
  • Hydrology and Flood Control

Water and Wastewater

The Metritape level sensor is ideal for ponds, streams, tanks or sumps because of its high resolution, stable output and simple pipe mount installation. Since it has no moving parts and because specific gravity and viscosity do not adversely affect its output, Metritape is perfect for gauging raw sewage and sludge. Hundreds of municipalities and treatment plants use this reliable sensor in diverse applications including cooling ponds, digesters, groundwater, reservoirs, raw sewage, sludge pits, and wet wells.

Slurries and Viscous Liquids

Metritape has proven durability in the gauging of slurries and dense liquids. The sensor’s smooth, non-mechanical design resists buildup and is unaffected by agitation. Heavy ores, syrups, viscous muds and high viscosity oils do not hamper its operation. Applications include coal slurries, drilling mud, iron ore slurries, lime slurries and pulp and paper.


The Metritape sensor’s outer sheath gives it a smooth, nonstick surface ideal for gauging waxy crudes and heavy oils. Its chemically inert surface is also ideal for gauging refined products. Up to three temperature detectors can be built into the Level / Temp model which carries full intrinsic safety approvals. Applications include avgas, bunker C, crude, diesel oil, fuel oil, gasoline, jet fuel and naptha.


Organics, inorganics, solvents, toxic substances and chemical waste tanks have all been successfully gauged with resistance-tape level sensors. Applications include acetic acid, acetone, benzene, caustics, chromate, condensate, methanol, phenol, plating solutions, sulfuric acid, toluene and xylene.

Metritape Product Selection

The Metritape product line includes Aquatape for water and wastewater, Petrotape for petroleum and fuel and Chemtape for chemicals and petrochemicals. The Metritape family also includes the LA sensor series for higher temperatures and pressures. Please consult the product selection chart to determine which Metritape sensor is right for your application.

Additional information about each product can be obtained by clicking within the text of the sensor selection chart or by downloading the individual product data sheets

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