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JOWA Sentry IV Tank Gauging System

  • One sensor technology can serve cargo, ballast, draft and service

  • Full height and Independent High Alarm combined within a single deck penetration and one cable run

  • Integral temperature detectors allow level and temperature readings from one tank penetration

  • Digital tabular and analog bar graph presentation of tank levels for easy operator use

  • Long term sensor stability and reliability

  • Optional inert gas pressure measurement

  • Easy installation during modular construction

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The Sentry IV level gauging system is a cost competitive, computer-based solution for today’s value minded customer. Tank level data from Metritape level sensors is sent to a central processing unit and displayed on a color monitor with a user friendly Windows-based interface. This easy information access and control makes Sentry IV the most advanced system in its price range. The Sentry IV system offers significant advantages over other gauging methods, yet can be installed and operated at a much lower cost. Optional Independent High Alarm protection functions can be added to a full height Sentry IV gauging system. This cost effective solution is achieved by adding a second resistance-tape sensor within the same stillpipe. Both sensors connect to Sentry IV’s Electronics.

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