Oily & Waste Water Treatment Systems under MARPOL 73/78

With JOWAs oily and waste water systems you can be sure that your vessel equipment follows MARPOL requirement.

MARPOL covers regulations for the control of different aspects of marine pollution and is a major convention of IMO.  It’s purpose is to preserve the marine environment by the elimination of pollution from all harmful substances discharged from ship.

MADE FOR MARINE – JOWA’s products are well known for their high quality and reliability and are installed on thousands of ships worldwide.

Discharging raw sewage to the sea damages our fragile ocean environment.

A sewage treatment plant on a ship is designed to treat and process raw sewage in different steps before discharge into the ocean.

In accordance to MARPOL all ships above 400 gross tonnage and a crew more than 15 persons are required to treat the discharge or hold sewage (black water) for appropriate time.

JOWA ODME 2005 is used to prevent oil pollution in the ocean!

Between different loads the ocean-going tankers must “clean” their massive tanks. The cargo tank is washed with water. That water is discharged into the sea, but with some trace of oil in it.

An Oil Discharge Monitor and Control System analyzes the content of oil in the water that shall be discharged and calculates the oil discharge. Only water within MARPOL requirement regarding oil discharge is allowed to pass and be discharged overboard. JOWA ODME 2005 is approved in accordance with the test and performance requirements for “third generation” monitors, according to IMO resolution MEPC 240(65).

When choosing JOWA ODME 2005 you can be sure that your vessel follows MARPOL requirement.

The ship’s Oily Water Separator separates the oil and other harmful contaminants from bilge water before discharge. In accordance with MARPOL (IMO) MEPC 107(49) the amount oil in bilgewater is 15 ppm which a vessel is allowed to discharge into the ocean from the bilge.

With JOWA 3sep the discharge can reach a limit of 5-ppm! JOWAs 3sep is a dual stage oily bilge water separation system utilizing differential specific gravity, coalescence plates and filtration to separate and remove free and emulsified oil.

Not only oily water but also emulsified water come with the bilgewater. JOWA EBU is a pretreatment system to JOWA 3sep and separates up to 80% of the water in the emulsion.

JOWA Emulsion Breaking Unit is designed to break water in oily water emulsions.

In connection to the oily water separator a bilge alarm is used to monitor the oil content of the separated water and stop the discharge into the sea if the oil content exceeds 15ppm. The JOWA SEAGUARD 15ppm bilge alarm is designed to monitor the effluent from a bilge water separator. The alarm is approved to IMO MEPC 107(49). JOWA Seaguard is known to be trustworthy and easy-to-use.

This unit is a popular option to JOWA 3sep. The Water Discharge Monitor has the advantage to monitor and control the discharge of bilge water to prevent any accidentally or illegal oil discharge.

The DPS is available as a add on option to the JOWA 3SEP 15ppm bilge water separator. The unit functions together with the 3SEP’s control system and alarm.

The Condensation Water Monitor has the advantage to monitor and control the discharge of condensation water to prevent any accidental oil discharge.