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JOWA DPS - Discharge Protection System

  • Fully integrated into OWS // Fully integrated "WDM"

  • Time and date of discharge

  • Ppm value, GPS position, Alarm status, Volume of water discharged overboard

  • Log - detailed description

  • Ideal for retrofit // 5 ppm

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JOWA Discharge Protection System, DPS, has the advantage to monitor and control the discharge of bilge water to prevent any accidental oil discharge. All data is logged and stored for later printout or down load. This gives the operator full control over the discharge.


The DPS is available as a add on option to the JOWA 3SEP 15ppm bilge water separator. The unit functions together with the 3SEP’s control system and alarm. The entire DPS unit comes ready installed and pre-wired on the 3SEP’s control panel.



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