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sewage treatment plant treats rea sewage

JOWA STP 2016 - Sewage Treatment Plant

  • The unit runs automatically

  • Gravity or a fully integrated vacuum option

  • Inexpensive to run, reliable and easy to maintain

  • Submerged fixed-film unit with a dedicated aeration system

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A sewage treatment plant is designed to treat and process raw sewage in different steps. The unit runs automatically with no operator attendance. It can be fed by gravity or a fully integrated vacuum unit can be fitted as an option. The unit’s bioreactor ensures optimum biological treatment with no offensive odours produced.


The JOWA STP 2016 is a submerged fixed-film unit with a dedicated aeration system that provides major advantages for the operator. The bioreactor contains a highly efficient, cross-flow structured matrix on which a stable biomass adheres and rapidly grows.


Utilises natural biological processes and intelligent design to ensure the strict discharge limits are met without the need for filters. In the clean water tank chlorine is used to disinfect the treated waters. A non-toxic de-chlorination chemical ensures the discharge meets stringent quality standards. The unit is very compact. In addition, the stable biomass tolerates hydraulic and organic shock loadings better than the alternatives. Low flows and loadings can also be accepted for extended periods.


JOWA’s extensive experience in shipboard sewage treatment gives the operator a sewage plant that is inexpensive to run, reliable and easy to maintain. Ultimately the ocean environment is the winner.


The JOWA STP 2016 Sewage Treatment plant are available in a range of sizes from 15 – 100 persons. Sizes outside the range are available upon request and is approved for operation onboard ships in accordance with IMO MEPC 227(64) and meet all the requirements in Marpol 73/78 annex IV.

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